Tag-abandon best describes the way I choose my tags. I just pick words that pop into my head after reading the text, choose to add a camelCase or hyphen and that is it. Though I don't tend to limit the number of tags I assign to an entry, it is typically of the order of three or four. I reckon that if I give too much thought to tagging, the evolutionary nature of my tag associations could be compromised. I could miss arbitrary emerging associations that are unique to my world-view and possibly of value to others.

I guess my behaviour misses one of the main points of social tagging, sharing the community benefits of other peoples matching tags.  In order to maximise the social potential, some conformance or ontology for tags is a must. Which probably explains why I currently find that my tags are something of a fragmented mess :-). 

Some day, a pattern may emerge, my personal experiment is ongoing. In the mean time I have started to enforce some order on my tags to maximise their social search and reuse potential. I have reserved the first two tags for names that are socially acceptable, the rest will remain free form.